Styled Shoot at the gallagher barn

A little background of Alex and I's relationship to set the scene - I was looking to relocate back to the Buffalo, NY area from my 2 years spent in Hoboken, NJ and Alex was the one who scooped me up to hire me as a product photographer at a vape distribution company and ever since has been my right hand woman. With that being said, we both focused more on growing our businesses a year ago and what better way to continue to grow and succeed is to team up together nearly open year later for an INCREDIBLE styled shoot.

We started out with so many ideas of what we wanted to do then toned it down to a "Rustic Boho" feel of vibe. My parents have this SICK fire pit area at their house and I knew it would have been absolutely perfect for the occasion so we got to planning! We figured out color palette and other details then started to reach out to vendors. We came to realize that planning one of these styled shoots requires A LOT of patience when reaching out to vendors in hopes they love our idea and want to collaborate. And of course, what a better time to plan a styled shoot between the two of us, during the most busiest month of the year. *insert heavy breathing* We hit a few unforeseen road bumps along the way but in the end it all came out so beautifully. We are so happy to share our shots! Make sure to check out @alexzphotography on instagram to see Alex's work from the day!

Keep scrolling to hear how the morning of the shoot went........

Shout out to all of our AMAZING vendors who helped this all come together:

The morning of the shoot I was about to walk out of the door to pick up the cake pop order, as I got a text that we had to find another couple quick. After running downstairs to my neighbors to ask them if they could swing it, calling multiple friends to see if they were available - Alex calls me with news that her AWESOME couple from July was down for it! The only thing was letting Justin know..... since he works overnights and was sleeping until 2PM. Shoot was scheduled to start at 3PM, but for the sake of Justin's sanity we pushed it back to 4 just so he had some time to at least wake up a little bit. What a trooper though! We were absolutely thrilled to have them be our couple such last minute. I know if I was woken up by my SO saying that they scheduled us for a photoshoot seconds after I open my eyes, I wouldn't be too thrilled but they brought their A game!!

"Touch foreheads.... touch noses.... now touch chins!!"

I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I fell in love with them more and more every time I looked at them! We can't wait to plan our next styled shoot!

For the next one we are hoping to open it up to more photographers to attend. We would love to hear what you want to see from us!

Let us know below!!!