art Nouveau Styled Shoot at Maison Albion

A few months ago I was tagged in a Facebook post about a new venue in Albion, NY by one of my brides moms. I was thrilled to be included on a vendor list at a local venue so I set up an appointment to view and meet the owners, Cole & Kerri Glover. As I was traveling over to to Albion from Buffalo, the route seemed very familiar and I couldn't figure out why. Until I accidentally drove past the venue.

The reason why everything seemed so familiar to me is because I shot a wedding alongside a fellow photographer who brought me into this career 6 years ago. But back then, it wasn't Maison Albion, it was called "The Pillars". I couldn't contain my excitement as I knocked on the front door excited to see what was behind it. From the moment I stepped foot in the door until I drove away, my jaw was on the ground. I was SHOCKED by the renovations within the venue that kept the original beauty from years before and also adding in new beauty too! All of the ideas that Kerri showed me throughout each room took so much thought right down to every detail.

Kerri was also telling me of another vendor who toured the venue that came up with an Art Nouveau idea that would be perfect within the location. So I RAN with that idea and contacted Janea from Mona & Sterling and we got to planning! Lots of long nights & a few too many bottles of wine, we were able to pull off a BEAUTIFUL styled shoot within a month with AMAZING vendors. I am so thankful for everyone who was willing to do this in such short notice, it turned out to be even better than I expected it to come out!!

We went for a small elopement styled shoot idea spinning off of what we have all experienced within 2020. A lot of our current couples have switched from big weddings to small weddings & elopement style events instead to adhere with the NYS' guidelines for large events.

Scroll down to view what we created throughout the whole shoot! And hear a little more about Maison Albion & our amazing couple!

Shout out to all of our AMAZING vendors who helped this all come together:

Maison Albion

From its restored old quirks to a modern French beauty, Maison Albion is a venue that I will never stop referring to my couples. The wedding industry is moving from rustic, barn style weddings back into the elegant, ballroom weddings. This cycle comes around every few years as the demand for different styles of weddings change.

We planned our shoot to have a intimate elopement feel because of recent events during the year of 2020, forcing a lot of couples to change their weddings plans to smaller guest lists and even smaller ideas. For a lot of people, growing up we always image having a huge wedding with all of our family in friends but this year a lot of hearts were broken because those dreams couldn't come true. We wanted to show that it is still possible to have an absolute beautiful intimate wedding.

We staged the ceremony to be at the foot of the long staircase leading up to the bedrooms, The way that Mary from Creekside Floral was able to build an amazing floral arrangement to sit perfectly at the foot of the stairs was mind blowing! The decor by Janea of Mona & Sterling was everything I could ever dream of and spoke to my soul & brand of my business. I love everything antique and vintage so I was obsesssinggggg over all of her stuff she brought out of her truck when she arrived. Like I said before, my jaw was on the floor the whole time yet again!

Our couple was absolutely incredible and I couldn't have wished for a better couple. Zack and Abby are from Ohio and traveled in the day before to do this shoot with us then stayed in Niagara Falls to explore more of what Buffalo has to offer! It warmed my heart to know that we were able to give them this opportunity to explore an amazing landmark that we often take for granted in Western New York. We found these two lovebirds from a modeling agency and our shoot was actually Zack's first time modeling! I think he did an amazing job for his first time!

One of my favorite things about Maison Albion is the ballroom that is modeled after the Titanic's ballroom. As soon as we walked into the ballroom to finish up our shoot, Abby's face blew up with excitement. Lone behold, her favorite movie is the Titanic. We had an amazing idea to utilize the piano in the ballroom as the cake table and as we were setting up some last minute things at the sweetheart table, I had the couple sit on the piano bench and pretend to be playing. WELL- Abby blew me away by not only being able to play piano but also playing the TITANIC'S THEME SONG........!!!!!!!

You can learn more about the beautiful Maison Albion & owners here.

I hope you all enjoyed what we all brought to the table to make this day absolutely outstanding! Off to go plan my next styled shoot! :)

Looking for ideas and feedback for future styled shoots, we would love to hear from you!

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