Andrew & Mayva

The BANQ Cocktails and Lounge Ellicottville New York 

Andrew & Mayva's engagement session in Ellicottville, NY at The BANQ Cocktails and Lounge was nothing short of INCREDIBLE! These two truly brought the heat!

Back in July, I held a giveaway for a free engagement session to give away to a few couples. Luckily, this is how I met these two cuties! Mayva saw my ad only days after them getting engaged. I was thrilled to see her entry pop up along with a new follow on Instagram. She is such a sweet human and you can tell that Andrew loves her so so much.

I didn't know what exactly to expect when they told me they wanted to do their session at this location. To be completely honest, I love going in a little blind to sessions to really get my creativity flowing by the initial shock of the location. This was nothing short of a shock! I walked in and instantly my jaw hit the floor. Looking at them with their outfits they chose, along with the decor in the bar, I was speechless. Then we started the session and MAN did it get hot in there!!

Scroll down below for a preview of some of my favorites from the session along with their love story!!

Their Love Story

Andrew & Mayva met shortly after Mayva moved back to Bradford, PA from Iowa. During that time, Mayva was looking to occupy her time so she gave online dating a try. As most of us know, Tinder and other dating apps are almost like searching for a needle in a haystack but Mayva found her needle! Andrew lived in Jamestown, NY but worked nearby where Mayva lived. After chatting for a little bit and getting to know each other, she invited him to meet her after work one night. "It was not safe at all, I could have been murdered by a stranger but luckily it was really him. He brought a bottle of wine and some movies he rented from Family Video (very old fashioned, I know). My favorite part about that night was that I didn’t actually own a bottle opener, so we sat there trying to open that bottle for a good 15 minutes before he finally just pushed the cork in!"

Mayva knew it was going to be long term by the first time he stepped foot in her house. "But real love didn’t happen until a while later, after many dates, and after he started to form a relationship with my daughter, Luna. Around Christmas time in 2018 I knew I was ready to say it. I planned a whole thing, before he came over I wrote “I love you” in red lipstick on my vanity mirror. I was so nervous, but then he just came in and laid in bed with me, he didn’t even notice the mirror! After some snuggles and other things ;) he was laying on my chest, looked up at me, paused for a minute, and then said “I love you”. I was SO mad he BEAT me to it! So I sighed! Not something someone wants to hear after being so vulnerable. He immediately thought he did something wrong. I was laughing, he was terrified, until I grabbed his face and made him look at the mirror, I said “I LOVE YOU! you beat me to it!! I had a whole thing planned!” He giggled but it was such a great feeling knowing we both felt the exact same and wanted to express it at the same exact time."

Like a lot of other things this year, COVID really put a damper on a lot of plans. Just like Andrew's proposal to Mayva. "He wanted to purpose on my birthday, in April. Everything was closed and I didn’t know what he had planned but he kept telling me that I had to wait for my birthday present and that COVID delayed it. Eventually things started opening up again and on the first night of reopening in June he told me to dress up, that we were going on a fancy date. So we got all dressed up and went out to Ellicottville. We had dinner at a beautiful restaurant, and after dinner he asked me to take a walk around Ellicottville. I thought it was a little strange but I followed along. I found out later that he wanted to do it in the park but unfortunately that day there was protesters in the park! He was thrown off and we ended up walking through an alleyway. It was a little awkward but eventually we went to a bar that I had been DYING to go to, The Banq. We got in and ordered our drinks. He started messing with his jacket and acting kind of weird. He slid the small coffee table that was in front of us out of the way. Then he grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and told me he loved me and Luna more than anything and wanted to spend the rest of his life with us. He said the famous words “Will you marry me?” and opened the box to reveal the most gorgeous ring. And of course I said yes! And that I love him more than anything. We kissed and the waiter brought our champagne. It was magical!"

A little Q&A from the happy couple

What are you most excited about for your wedding?:

"I’m excited to share our love with our family and friends, and to spend the whole day celebrating us and how far we’ve come as a family."

If your love story was a made into a movie - What would you title it?:

"Unexpectedly in Love"

Describe your relationship in 5 words?:

"Quirky, comforting, stable, reliable, special"

What is something that means the most to both of you?:

"Our family is most important and will always come first. We have grown to realize that the family that you create is your #1. That’s your team."

What is your favorite thing to do together?:

"Honestly, lay around and watch movies, being lazy."

What is some of your favorite things? (alcoholic beverages, candies, chocolates, foods, movies, etc):

"Vodka, Vanilla candles, our dogs, The X files, fuzzy blankets."

List any vendors/places where you may have purchased anything for your session:

  • Dress - NastyGal
  • Rings - Etsy
  • Shoes - Amazon
  • Lipstick - Fenty Beauty, Sephora

How did you like your session with Brittany?:

"It was amazing! You made us feel so comfortable, and we had so much fun working with you!"

Any advice you would give to anyone planning their engagement session?:

"Let loose, have fun, and let your love for each other shine through. Also, plan it with Brittany! She was professional, fun, she had great ideas and tips, and she made us feel so comfortable."

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